This is my first time making a blog, so lets hope it last longer then my other first times with different things . Now let me get to the real point of this blog. I am going to write every time i complete a section of the PSO. Yesterday I complete the Basic Course, it really helped me  with hand rankings and how certain hands beat certain hands. I mean I use to play on Facebook and myspace all the time where it tells you what hand beats what hand. So I never had to memorize it therefore I never knew. But since I have made the decision that I wanted to take my poker serious and make it to the WSOP, I decided that I better do whatever I could to put myself above the competition. And let me tell you this has stepped my game up ten-fold. Not only did I complete the Basic Course but also started the Core Course, that is getting deep. I love how it teachs the out and then shows video on Outs. It does a spectacular job teaching how to find outs and count them. Well it is back to the table. Until next time this is T-N-T going All-In