Its been a while since I made my "weekly blog post", in fact, its been close to a year. But I'm back baby! So first I guess I'l explain where exactly I've been. After my horrible experience a few months back in February I decided to take a month or so off. I came back when I got an eail about the WBCOOP and decided to play it just for fun. It turned out to be a great experience, I won a few tournament tickets amounting to around $35. Playing in the tournaments I managed to build my bankroll back up to around $185 from about $150.


   After such a great turn of events I would have kept playing, but I had vacation plans for April, so i decided to cash out and use it to pay my gambling expenses while in Vegas. Needless to say that money is gone, but it was well worth it. Playing in a live tournament in the Cesars Palace poker room was easily one of my best poker experiences to date. The collection of people ranging from the tight agressive business man in a suit and tie ordering his rum and coke on the rocks just a little past 1:00pm, to the loose passive older man to my left, to the luckbox, all-in jamming bluffer who just wouldnt go bust even when he dropped below 2 big blinds. Unfortunately I didnt end up making the money, but then only the top 2 out of 20 did, so I wasnt really dissapointed with my finish. I busted in 11th, shoving my remaining stack on the turn with an open-ended straight flush draw and middle pair. I got called by the pocket jacks of the villain to my right just, unfortunately my outs (any 9, 4, 8, 7, or diamond) didnt come in and i was sent to the rail. My best moment was 4-betting the older man to my left enough to put him all in, knowing he was on tilt and just trying to steal the pot. He instantly mucked his cards with rage, whipping them across the table towards the dealer. I only had ace high, but I knew it was good.

   Once I got back home I had my mind set on other things and didnt really play any poker, until about two months ago I started playing a few frerolls and decided to test out my luck again and try and build up a bankroll. So I deposited 20 bucks and worked to get my 20 VPP's so that I could challenge for the Premier league. Unfortunately the Premier League is going to have to wait until January, as my late start in November leaves me in 596th place in Open league after the final tournament.

   Now that I'm back I'm going to change a few things up, first off I'm going to make my blog a monthly blog, mainly because I dont play enough to make a compelling weekly blog (this could change if a bunch of interesting things happen, but unfortunately as of right now my bankroll is quite small and very limiting). 

My goals for the month are as follows:

1. Make Premier League - I've made alot of friends in the Premier League in the past and the level of play is much higher than just about anywhere else. Being able to challenge myself against that level of competition without having to pay is probably one of the (if not the) greatest opportunities to improve one's poker game available.

2. Challenge the Daily Bigs - I want to play at least one of the bigs every day this month, I find that the tournament structure suits my play style very well and allows for alot of play and alot less variance. I plan on playing more MTT's than STT's this time around. Grinding a roll up through STT's took way too long last time and wasn't quite as fun as taking a deep run against a massive field.

3. Have Fun - For me this is the most important, poker is a game, I like to challenge myself to become better, but I'm not playing the game as a job, and I dont want it to start to feel like I have to go to work when I sit down at a table. For me it's more about the competition, and less about the money (although the money is nice too).

As always, I wish everyone the best of luck at the tables, just not when they're playing against me.


Despite not making the top 500 in the Open Skill League, I have recieved a Premier Skill League ticket for the month of December. I dont know how this happened, but I can't wait to compete and if someone was responsible for helping me to get my ticket, you have my sincerest gratitude. So Cross goal number one off my list and look for me in the Premier League hahaha!