The past few weeks have been a bit of a step in the wrong direction. So I decided to take a break from poker for a few days to clear my head and study the game and really get back to when I was playing good poker, and improve on that to become the best player I can be . I've come to realize that in trying to play only the math, I lost my own personal playstyle and was just playing robotic poker, which wasn't working for me. I managed to finish my grind up to Silver Star basically breaking even, earning a total of 501 VPP's for the month of January, and dropping from $146.05 down to $144.60 (I lost $1.45, so basically 1 6-max buy in). Overall this month I endued up winning around $50.00, since starting the month at about $97.

   I have decided that for this month the best thing to do would be to drop down to the freeroll leaderboards. Being dropped down to the Poker School Open League was probably the best thing that could have happened to me, I definitely feel like I deserved to be asked back into the Premier League after my showing in the last month. I am excited to work my hardest to see how hig I can climb the Open League ranks.

   My goals for this month are pretty simple. I rewatched a few of the W.S.O.P.'s and heard something that Greg Raymer said that really stuck with me, he said "goals lead to bad play, and instead of having a goal to make the money this year or make the final table, my goal is to play the best poker that I can and make every move the best possible way every time" (not word for word but that was the just of it). This really stuck with me, it was like the video was speaking to me directly, because the one month I started making a bunch of crazy goals, I started doing everything I could to make the goals, rather than play good poker. Sure I was taking alot of bad beats, but I think alot of it was because of bad play and a voice in the back of my head saying u have to make this play or else you wont make your goal amount by the end of the year, I think that the added pressure that the goals put on myself lead to me playing bad poker. So my goals for this month are:

1) Play good poker

2) Earn a Premier Skill League Ticket

3) Earn 150 VPP's

4) Play at least one MTT per day

5) Have fun

   I've also decided to give up playing 6-max's, I find them fairly boring, I find the idea of making a final table and making deep runs in large feild MTT's much more exciting, I've also started to enjoy fullring cash games at the 2NL level, just because there are so many bad players there that are very easy to make a good profit off of.

   This month i didn't really play all that many tournaments, which are and always have been my favourite part of the game, ad something that I plan to do more of this month. Starting from next week on, I will be going back to posting weekly highlight, Including all tournament cashes, my current leaderboard standings, and anything else that I think was important.

Even though this month felt really horrible, I feel like it was a blessing in disguise. It taught me alot, and I feel like I learned alot of valuable lessons, lesseons that I think will benefit me in the future. I learned to play my own style, and I learned alot about bankroll management and how to deal with a losing streak (something I will hopefully overcome throughout February).So thats all for me this week, I wish everyone the best of luck at the tables, just not when they're playing against me.