I want to start out by saying this week was by far the worst week I've ever had playing poker. It actually started out looking very promising, I was up to about $195.00 at one point, unfortunately that number nosedived down to $146.05, making this my first week of not making a profit (and also undoing several weeks of hard work), So I went from $176.80 down to $146.05, I lost a total of $30.75. To be honest I feel ashamed and horrible, I played my usual $1.50 6-max games (that I was beating as usual at the beginning of the week), then I just started losing, and losing, and losing. After having a few weeks of what I thought was bad luck, I'm starting to think it's not bad luck anymore and I'm just playing bad. When I'm playing I can generally tell when I've played something wrong which does happen, but when I was playing, most of the time I didn't see anything wrong with the way I played the hand, and yet I managed to have horrible outcomes. I feel like maybe I've regressed in poker skill or something. I really need some advice from someone who feels like they've gone through something like this, because if things keep going this way I'm going to have to cash out. I've tried taking breaks, and coming back with a clear head after a few hours or the next day, but nothing has been working, and I'm finding it hard to stay positive, even though know I shouldn't be results oriented (it's just frustrating losing over 17% of a hard earned bankroll in the period of a week).

The only positive outcome of this month is that im only 29 VPP away from silver star, and I plan on achieving at least one of the goals I set out to accomplish. As for returning to the Premier League next month, my chances seem slim to none, as I just busted out of one by running into a set of 6's on the flop over my set of 2's on the flop, then with the approximately 1,000 chips I had left I ran my pocket queens into pocket kings. Even though there are still three days left, I dont feel like I have a very good chance of returning to the Premier League next month, although I do feel optimistic about playing in the Open League. This week I wont be posting my tournament cashes becuase I played very few tournaments and only cashed for small amounts in freerolls (mainly because I wanted to get in a larger volume of games to overcome what I thought/still want to believe was run bad).

More than anything I want this slump to be over, after I hit my VPP goal, and the Poker school season ends, I think I'm going to take a few days off poker to try and relax and get all the bad beats, negativity, and stress out of my system. I'l likely only be playing freerollsover the three day break, unless by some miracle I manage to go on a heater and win a bunch back while going for my 30 VPP's. Until next week, I wish everyone the best of luck at the tables, just not when they're playing against me.