Towards the beginning of this week I ran worse than I have ever run before. Hands that were coin flips were losing 90% of the time, my big pocket pairs werent holding, my moster hands were getting crushed by even bigger hands (ace high flush beaten by a 2 card straight flush, I flopped a full house and the other guy flopped four of a kind, etc.). At first I was just running really bad, then after this gem of a play by player 3:, the tilt factor kicked in and I quickly  found myself down to around $150.00 in my bank roll (in 2 days I lost $20.00). Luckily I managed to turn things around and despite things looking bad I still managed to make a profit (a very small one I might add). I managed to turn the $170.44 I had at the beginning of the week into $176.80, a profit of $6.36 (slightly over 1/10 of last weeks profit). But the important thing is that I realized when I started to tilt and managed to control it and turn things around.

As for my goals, I am well on my way to hitting silver star, I am currently at 341 VPP's, and should be able to achieve silver start status by the end of the month fairly easily. In the Premier Skill League, things have gotten much worse; I was second to bust out of the most recent tournament I played ( I got called all in on the turn, both of us having ace high, but his king kicker was better than my queen kicker, but at least now I have a note on this player should we meet up again) in which I fear will put me below the top 800 which is the number of players that get invited back; however, there is still pleanty of time to turn things around and maybe even make a profit. If worse comes to worst, then I'l have to play the open league again (which I would gladly compete in as I found that league Incredibly easy to cash in the first time around). Unfortunately my goal of reaching the top 80 for this month is starting to look very unlikely, though I will continue to try my best to climb the leaderboard and hopeflly get some money when the month ends, As for MTT cashes, this week there were far fewer, mainly because I focused more on gaining VPP's by grinding 6-max STT's, that being said, here are my cashes for the week.

Tourney Cashes:

85 FPP buy-in, won $7.50 ticket to T-COOP 32, placed 1/18

$1.00 buy-in, won $4.91, placed 6/90

$0.44 buy-in, won ticket to the Big $3.30, placed 1/77

Hot $0.55, won $2.97, placed 147/10,251

$1.10 buy-in, won $2.80, placed 81/1,000

$1.10 buy-in (single draw), won $2.33, placed 28/333

Chromestar Freeroll, won $2.15, placed 237/13,528

$1.10 buy-in, won $1.53, placed 490/3,580

This honestly felt like the worst week of poker I've had yet, but it feels great to put the week behind me and be able to move forwords. I'm ready for next week and I'm feeling confident, and hopefully I can make that final table I've been playing for. Anyways I wish everyone the best of luck at the tables, just not when they're playing against me.