This week was extremely profitable, mainly due to an increase in the amount of games I have been playing, but also because I managed to make alot of tournament cashes this week, and have been finding it easier to exploit weaker players. My bank roll increased from $91.87 to $117.73, a profit of $25.86. Also I managed to make a really deep run in a $0.55 tourney, unfortunately I didn't quite make the final table, but it qualifies ad my deepest run yet in a 55 cent tourney, even though it doesn't even make my top 10 MTT cashes (there was not Gtd. amount, so the prize pool was comprised of only buy-ins).  I also managed to achieve chromestar status which has a requirement of 100 VPP's by earning over 102 VPP's  this week, which means I need to get 398 more VPP by the end of the month to get to Silver Star status, so I'm right on track with my VPP goal. Chrome Star status will allow me access to the 100k Priviledged free rolls, as well asthe 5k Gtd Saturday Chrome Star free rolls, which I fully intend to take advantage of. I'm also well on my way to achieving my goal of doubling my bank roll, as I've managed to earn one quarter of the way there in one week ( side note, I won more this week than my original buy in of $25.00 to Poker Stars). The last thing that I want to touch on is the Premier League, this week wasn't the best week, but it also wasn't the worst. I had some ok finishes in the money, as well as some early exits and alot of moderate finishes (for instance 220/600). I think this is mainly due to the fact that I'm not yet framiliar with alot of the new players coming in from open league and qualifier league, and It's really too early to pick out exactly wich one's are going to try and bluff me off my hands and which ones I can bully for blinds without them putting up a fight. All in all at the end of the week I was in the top 300, but all it takes is one good finish to shoot right up the ladder. So without any further ado, here are my cashes for the week:


Tourney Cashes:

Hot $0.55, won $3.41, placed 134/10,512

$0.44 buy in, won a ticket to the big $3.30, placed 1/71

$0.22 buy in, won a ticket into the bigger $2.20, placed 1/194

$0.55 buy in, won $2.06, placed 22/1,088

$0.55 buy in, won $0.88, placed 369/2,934

$0.55 buy in, won $0.58, placed 208/1,119

So all in all I was pretty happy with the way things turned out this week, my tournament play was good, my Sit & Go play was good, I ran fairly well, and I had alot of fun. I wasn't fully satisfied with my performance in the Premier Skill League, but i think next week I will improve my position and hopefully make a final table or two, and even though. So my journey to a 55 cent buy-in tourney final table continues, and as usual I wish everyone the best of luck at the tables, just not when theyère playing against me.