Sorry this is being published so late, i was with family over new years, but i still managed to play a fair amount of poker. I've decided to change up the format of my weekly blog also, so it should be easier to follow.

This was another great week for poker, I turned a profit of $13.24, increasing my bank roll to $91.87. In the premier league I managed to place in the top 100 and recieved a ticket allowing me to continue playing in the preier league next month. I achieved my VPP goal of 150, and managed to attain 168.32 VPP's for the month of December. This past week I've noticed my poker skills improve even more, specifically in my strategy for the Poker School Premier League, and have high expectations for the month of January. In January


- Place 80 or above on the Pokerschool Premier Skill League leader board. Placing in the top 80 is where the first money bump is, and with 150 VPP+ I'm looking to cash for at least $50.00 which will be a really nice addition to my current bank roll.

- Achieve silver star status or above. Achieving silver star will be very tough to do, but I think I can it is something I can accomplish if I work for it. I know I can get to chrome star easily, so making that a goal would be too easy, and I like to push my self as hard as I can, so I decided to go for silver star.  

- Final table a $0.55 or greater buy in tournament. This may be slightly unrealistic, but it is nevertheless one of my goals that I really want to accomplish, and it is something I am going to try as hard as I possibly can to achieve.

- Double my current bank roll. I think that on my way to getting silver star, along with the money I plan on earning from the Premier League that this goal is more than possible and making money is one of the main reasons I play poker and the more i can make this month, the more I can invest and expect to earn the next month.

-Have fun. This is the most important thing on the list, poker is something that for me has been very fun and exciting, and as long as it continues to be fun I will strive to do all that I possibly can to get better.


Tourney Cashes:

$0.55 buy in, won $0.89, placed 369/2951

$0.02 buy in, won $1.10, placed 5/990

$0.55 buy in, won $1.86, placed 505/12,418

Satellite Cashes:

$1.95 buy in, won a ticket to The Bigger $5.50


I did ok in the tournaments I played in this week, however I am still seeking a deeper run (worth more than $1.10 hahaha). I'd like to wish everyone the best of luck at the tables, just not when they're playing against me.