I'd like to start off by saying this was a roller coaster ride of a week which left me feeling more than satisfied. I was able to play alot of poker and realized that if I push hard enough I can reach 150 VPP's for next month which will allow me to get to the top level of Premier League leaderboard for next month. So I've decided to make that a new goal of mine, alongside my other goal of making a non-private/non-Sit & Go tournament final Table. This week I entered a total of 9 tourneys and 3 satellites.



To start I'd like to say that I'm very proud with the way that I have been playing and have continued to notice improvements in my play. My 6-max Sit & Go play at the $1.50 buy in level continues to be profitable, even more so than in previous weeks (although there were some problems during the beginning of the week). My note worthy finishes for this week include:

$0.55 NL Hold'em [1K Gtd.]: 416/3119 worth $0.77

$0.25 NL Hold'em [$100 added]: 235/1437 worth $0.45

$0.80 Big $5.50 Sat.: 1/9 worth 1 tournament ticket to The Big $5.50

8th place in a Premier Skill League Freeroll

15th place in a Premier Skill League Freeroll

This week I was able to turn a fairly large profit, despite the deficit created from my tournament play. I increased my bankroll from $60.61 to $78.63 which is a 29.7% increase to my bankroll!!! I was also able obtain over 50VPP's this week putting me at a total of 104.29 VPP's for the month of December. I was also extremely happy with my bank roll management skills, because although I won a ticket to The Big $5.50, I opted to unregister from the tournament and take the tournament dollars to spend them where less of a risk would be taken. I was also happy with my self control, as I was able to notice that after a streak of bad luck it was starting to affect my play and instead of continuing to play I decided to go and take a break and them come back and play after I had relaxed and calmed down from a series of bad beats.


At the beginning of the week my bank roll took a nose dive after a series of bad beats I went from about $60 to about $45, after having a bunch of  bad beats (and by bad I mean getting pocket aces all in pre flop 4 times in a row and losing every one of them as well as someone flopping the ace high flush when I flopped the king high flush). Prior to this incident I always thought I was immune  from tilt, but as it turns out I was wrong. I remember watching a small doccumentory video about Phil Ivey where he said something along the lines of "when someone is losing in poker, no matter how good that person is, its going to get to them and they'regoing to start playing worse", and he hit the nail on the head. Luckily I was able to recover and didn't end up going broke. Aside from that the only other negative was my MTT cashes were small and few, but I played pretty well and I think it all just comes down to variance, because in MTT's you're playing for one big cash, so I'd rather bust out early and get one big cash every now and then, as opposed to breaking even every single week and not taking any real risks. 

I'd like to wish everyone a happy holiday and the best of luck at the tables, just not when they're playing against me.