It was exam week at the university where I go to school, so I was unable to play much poker. Aside from the Premier League I entered into 3 tournaments and 2 satellites, and I played maybe 5 Sit & Go's. So as you can tell it was a very bland week for me, composing of mostly studying and writting exams. 

The Positives:

As for positives this week there aren't very many cashes to speak of, although I'm happy to say It was profitable (but barely). I did very well in my Sit & Go's, and cashed in one of the 5  tournements and had nearly final tabled another Premier Skill League tournament and made a few other small cashes in the Premier Skill League. My one notable tournament cash is as follows:

$0.55 NL Hold'em [1K Gtd.]: 364th place for $1.13

Mainly thanks to my Sit & Go play i was able to turn a profit increasing my bank roll from $59.03 to $60.61, so I went up $1.58. Some good news though is I've started to see a real improvement in my tournament play (even though I only cashed in one of 5), I was overall very happy with the way I payed. I played aggressively and did my best to accumulate chips to try and make a deep run. However, the best thing about last week is that it's over, and so are my exams. So next week hopefully there will be many more cashes, maybe a deep run or two and maybe even a final table (fingers crossed).

The Negatives:

It feels like there are alot of negatives for this week, but there really arent that many. I feel I played good poker, though I still see plenty of room for improvement. I feel like I had a good chance to go very deep in 2 of the three tournaments. In the tournament I cashed in I had a very big stack at one point but took a bad beat with a full house of eights full of threes with two 3's and one eight on the board, the other guy had pocket 3's and made 4 of a kind and severely crippled me shortly after the bubble, but thats just part of poker. In the other tournaments I felt like I played good poker as well. One I busted out on with ace queen vs. ace king all in as the shorter stack but still in a spot where I could have folded my way into the money (which I will never do unless It's a satellite type tournamnet) and in the other one I had about 6 big blinds left after having my 2 card straight crushed by a flush a villain caught on the river leaving me short stacked. On the next hand I had jack 9 of hearts and the blinds were going to go up in less than 3 minutes so I jammed all in with my 6 big blinds and ran into the pocket kings of a different villain, but this is where it starts to get funny, I flopped 2 pair and was ahead by a mile, unfortunately he caught running cards, a queen and then a 10 to give him a king high straight on the river and I bubbled out yet again.

All in all it could have been a much worse week and I'm just glad my exams are done and classes don't start until mid January, so I have plenty of time to play poker over the break, and hopefully I'l be able to get a few live games going with some of my friends. I still haven't officially made a final table, but maybe this week is the week I make a deep run. But until next Monday I wish everyone the best of luck at the tables, just not when they're playing against me.