I decided to make this blog after a very positive first month of playing with real money on Pokerstars. I managed to double my starting bank roll of $25.00 (I know it's not much), and earned myself a premier league ticket for December. So to say the least I've really enjoyed playing poker for actual money online.

I've probably been playing poker now for about 2-3 years, but I'm just now starting to take it seriously. Before playing online, me and a few of my friends decided to make a home league of about 6-8 players that would meet up every week or so and play a couple 5 dollar buy in tournaments for fun. While it was fun, most my friends had alot of tells, were afraid to bluff and in general, played very poorly. It often came down to the same 2 players winning every time, the two being one of my good friends and I. He was the one that introduced me to online poker, he told me that he'd been playing on Pokerstars for play money as practice for our real money games. So I decided to try it out, he told me to join a sit & go  so i bought into a 6 max STT for a 320 chip buy in. I remember taking first place and doubling my play money bank roll. I was feeling very confident at this point and decided to play a few more. By the end of the night i was up to around 3.5K chips. A few weeks had passed and some of my friends decided to buy into pokerstars for the minimum amount of $11.00 CAD, and encouraged me to do the same. I didn't feel i was ready yet and I wanted to make sure i would be able to make a large profit from the play money field. 200K chips was my goal. Within about a month both of them had more than doubled up and then busted out. I did not (and still don't) want to make that mistake. They both moved up in stakes too quicky and weren't ready for the challenge it brought, as well as both of them falling victim to tilting off chips after bad beats. A few months had passed and I had reached 150k play money chips and realized how close I was to my goal, and decided to push hard to make it to 200K. Within the next month i went above and beyond my goal making it up to 256K play money chips, so I decided it was time to deposit, despite the disapproval of both my family and my girlfriend.

During my first month of real money I dedicated my time to playing and studying poker as much as I could when I wasn't studying for school.Throughout November I took advantage of as many of the 100K depositor Freerolls as I could, signed up for the PSO open league, watched training sessions in the PSO video archive, read up on poker stratagies, and found the game modes that fit my style best. I'vedecided that the best strategy for my 2nd month is to play $1.50 buy in 6max STT's, as this is where I've noticed I play my best (just like when i started in play money). My bank roll is still too small to play in most of the MTT's that aren't turbo style, which have a little too much variance for my liking, although I must admit I do enjoy playing in The Hot $0.55 tourneys fairly regularly (I like the idea of potentially making a big cash out of such a small buy in). I also do my best to stay away from rebuy tourneys for the same reason (I'm a little cash poor). I've also recently decided to start playing a some satellite tourneys to try and get into larger buy in tournaments, for instance The Big $4.40. Another concept that I tend to find very fun is the large field knockout tourneys the idea of players having a bounty on thier heads increases the action and the fun of having a chance to win money at any point in time during the tournament.

Since I need to focus on building my bankroll to a more stable level where I can afford to buy into bigger tournaments without putting a large portion of my bank roll at risk I have decided to come up with a bank roll management plan. I will allow myself to spend a total of $5.00 maximum per week on MTT's, I plan to spend roughly $1.00 of this on satellites into bigger tournaments, and the remaining amount entering The Hot/Hotter $0.55 , and saving enough to enter the PSO Knockout Festival tournament. Also i will be playing in as many of the Premier skill league matches as possible to try and get a good position on the leaderboard.

As of this moment I have yet to make a final table in a tournament of over 45 enrants it is my goal to achieve a final table in a large MTT. I've had one tenth place finish, two 11th place fnishes, a 23rd place finish, a 28th place finish and several 35-150th place finishes (and many worse). So I plan to update this blog weekly (every Sunday night or Monday morning) and post my results as well as any other information or stories I find interesting. Please feel free to add ant tips or interesting stories, etc. It would be greatly appreciated.       

I wish everyone the best of luck at the tables, just not when they're playig aginst me.