I was one of 7 palyers sitting at a 10 max Table. Win some, lose some.

A new guy Tyler joins the game. Looks cocky. Brings a big pile of chips to the table, around $90'. About double the amount of chips compared to the big stack before he joined. About three times my stack. 

He starts betting wildly. At first every body folds. Then somebody tilted and called him. Tyler had virtually nothing but got a small pair on the river and won! People starts folding again. Several people tilts and calls his bets with inferior hands. He of course had inferior hands too, but he won again and again on ridcolous flops or rivers. 

People starts whining. He uses harsh language. They respond and Tyler retaliates. He bets again and wins pots when others are intimidated by the amounts he bets. We all know he doesn't have the cards, but what if he had the cards this time? Several people calls and Tyler loses a big pot. "ha ha", "in your face", but Tyler just tells them what he did to their mothers... Suddenly his betting is more careful, pre-flop that is. On the flop he went swinging again, he was called and won with trips.

I fold a lot of mediocee hands. I know I can take advantage of him, I just need better cards to do it. At least I'm up a little. Tyler is soon up to 120'. He loses a bit more, some big pots, but keeps playing the same way as before. Some small stacks lose all their chips to him in one stupid bet, a bet where not only Tyler is stupid, a bet where Tyler is lucky. You can really sense that everybody wants to take him out. His stack reduces and mine increases a little. We are almost on the same level now. 

He is in the big blind, I'm under the gun. I got dealt pocket sixes. I call the big blind of $400, fully expecting Tyler to bet out. Some others also limps in and sure enough Tyler bets around $11'. A bit much for my measly 66. Tyler is impatient and wants me, and everybody else to get goin'. It's in his character. Or maybe in his lack of character. After due consideration I decide to call and hope for a set on the flop. Facing anybody else than Tyler (and by that I mean anybody that wasn't so obviously a poker bully) I would have folded to such a big bet. A short stack calls too.

The flop doesn't improve my hand. A rainbow flop with a jack and two lower cards that isn't very straightable. So I check. If I had improved I would still have checked. That's the way to play a bully, you let him dig his own hole. The small stack checks too and Tyler goes all in. What a surprise! This time I really take my time. There is Tyler in the pot, but also a short stack. Tyler might have anything although I strongly suspect he has nothing. The short stack tilted a couple of times before. I decide that since I have a pair, and that is probably better than Tyler, and two more chances to catch my set this is the chance I was waiting for. I call his bet. The short stack goes all in too. Nobodys hand is improved on the turn and nobodys hand is improved on the river. My pocket sixes rules!

I won $106 410 on my new favorite hand - 66. Tyler is silent. Everybody else are happy (even the short stack that lost all his money) and loughs loudly. "ha ha ha ha", "nice call", "great hand buddy". I just smiled. 

When I finally decided that I had played enough and left I brought around $109' with me. A profit of more than $70'! Plus I had a good time being the without any question most popular guy in the room! All thanks to Taylor.

Wherever you are Taylor; thanks man! I'll play you anywhere and anytime. Guys like you make the game worth playing.