Well I started out today with a little over $88 and set a goal to get to $100 by the end of the night. In short, I failed. I opened up Pokerstars pretty much right after waking up and I see now it's not such a great idea. 15 minutes, a bad beat, some tilt, and a couple bad plays later I was allready down to $82.50 . Feeling my tilt was getting worse I figured it was time for a break. I launched a game of Civilaztion 5 and took a good 4 hours waging war and destroying everything in sight. Ah! Felt much better!

    After getting some food into  me and settling down it was time to hit the tables again. After some hours of grueling grinding I was finally back up to what I started with. And the only thing I could think of was "Wow, it's so much easier to lose $5 than to win it."

   Hour after hour went by and I was finally looking at $99.04 in my cashier window. Almost there! Which is the excitement that caused me to of course rush to get to $100. I'm sure you can guess what that led to. Another bad all in call and I'm down again. I couldn't let myself go to sleep without atleast getting to $97 Well, it's 3:37 A.M. now and I'm completely beat so it's time for bed. 


Final Bankroll: $97.64
Today's profit: $9.50

Hoping for an easier day tomorrow. 

Oh and note to self "Patience!"