Ok, so I finally decided I'm going to start this. I was going through some weird emotional feelings towards poker the last week or so, but it seems that everything is falling back into place. I'd like to just keep a blog on my current status with my poker "career" (I call it career because well... I'm not doing much of anything else lol) Anyway, this is just a story of someone who loves poker. And, who after getting 1st in one of the PSO tournaments got a chance to once again start doing what he loves. I'm not new to poker and I've played around 3 years or so. It all started with just friendly SnG's every Friday that me and my friends organized and ended in me losing a paycheck or two every month online. The game absolutely captivated me and I decided I was going to do everything to learn more and become good and this "simple" although extremely complicated game. So, this is where the actual story starts. I moved back to Lithuania, I didn't have a cent to deposit on my Pokerstars account, and the endless play of PSO league tournaments began. During this time I could do nothing more but fantasize about sitting down at a 1c/2c table and just getting in a couple hours of play. Then one day! After getting pretty deep in one of the tourny's I went downstairs to get a glass of wine from my parents and after being asked to stay, I jokingly replied "Nope, sorry. I'm about to win this poker tournament." With 125 people or so left I could of never guessed that what I said that night wasn't actually a joke. Within an hour a half or so I was sitting at the final table and amazed at how well I've done. Well the rest is history, but somehow I ended up finishing first! The feeling after winning the tournament was something like winning a million dollars! Well $5.69 to be exact, but HEY! It meant I could finally play real money poker! And that where it started. Now, I would like to say thank you to everyone on this forum for the Live trainings, hand analysis, motivation, and all the tips and support everyone's given me. If it wasn't for you I would not be up to a $70 bankroll right now and feeling comfortable in continuing. This is $0 to.... Let's see how far I can make it! Current bankroll: $69.47 Hands Played: 19,306