Today, I am somewhat tired, is it due to nocturnal activities? yes, you have guessed it, i was up most of the night getting excited that my ranking was getting higher and higher in my first proper entry to the PokerSchool Open league tournament. The more i played, the more i saw my chip stack increase and positioning look attractive. 9000 odd registered players! What a challenge before me i had, seeing as it meant, not only did you need to be fortunate at times having the best cards, it also meant a test of the other traits you must possess. This being, disciplined, patient, applying strategies, and being ignorant of name calling(something i find the hardest of times). All this meant, that if i could do all this, i was sure to do well.

Well, the last time i looked, there were about 250-300 players left, and i was position 89 with a chipstack of about 80,000. I was sure now, that the number of players left would whittle down and as long as i played a few good strong hands, i would only get further, but this was not to happen.

Looking at my pair of threes,  i limped for it was entirely possible for the person on the left of me who having(115,000) to not only call a small raise but perhaps get me drawn in to an ugly board and having to work out if my threes going to survive. The flop came out  J, 3, Q, all off suit. I thought the odds of my threes surviving had increased and had allowed me to raise a little more but still cautious in doing so. He flat  called, and the turn produced a 9. He then checked again, of the same raise. A Q came out on the river giving me full house although not an ideal one but one all the same.

It is then, he raised all in. I for my faults, tried to work out what he would do that for, and was that to push me off, was it slow play and he had trips or straight draw from the flop, but seeing as he flat called me, i led myself to think he must have trip queens at best, or a straight and so i called him.

He had Q9, i had 33, and the cards dealt  J,3,Q,9,Q giving him the better full house. and so it happened, i left the tournament around the mid 250's. I was gutted as i had set myself a target to reach the top 72. But for my first play, i was pleased to have got so far through 9000 players!

Am about to play another league tournament, this time with another 1000 players to cardfight with, but hey, Lets see what happens this time!