My name is Herbert, out of the thirty years of my life, i have played for four years. The twenty six i spent learning to grow up. Albeit, i fear i will never grow up but have been told its part of my charm.
I must tell you the reason of my blog, for Im sure some will be curious or benefit from my story.

I was born profoundly deaf, and have always had 10% hearing. that doesnt amount to much, i might hear a jet take off or the sound of an old kettle whistling on the stove and thats about it.
For the first six years i did not have the luxury of hearing aids, this being due to somewhat of an ignorant family. I did not speak my first words til the age of 8, and could speak 10 sentences by the age of 11. I was still at this time, thinking of my own interpretations of the world, along with my own language( consisting of grunts and wails).

Howvever, i was adopted and my new found mother told me this. '' Son, if you must or want to try, read this dictionary everynight and practise speaking the words, you may find one day, you can speak your mind. I took this to heart and spent 3 hours a night reading the oxford dictionary for the following 10 years. By the age of 21, i found not only could i speak, i could pronounce the words for people to understand.

My biggest skill i posess is that of the whole say, 28 years, i have lip-read and studied body language to a fine art. There is seldom i get wrong , however i have been gravely wrong in the past, something im glad to share with others in their millions.

This is where the fun comes in. I use this skill on the poker table( he he) Now, i havent played much on pokerstars but have a desire to more. When i say more, i shant stop until i reach that final table amongst the Gods of PokerStars(yes you, Dan.) I shall uitilise my long life determination like once before, and shall learn to read without even looking. This being possible of ancient customs! I will get there, so its not goodbye, it is though, see you later.