Wow i just cant explain it. Every effin time i play a hand, i mean i always have the best hand when my opponents puts me all in and i just cant explain it but "I ALWAYS FREAKING LOSE" from a runner runner to three outs, or even an out. they ALWAYS HIT IT and i MEAN THEY ALWAYS GET WHAT THEY NEED to win. So am i just unlucky or im really bad? i guess im both lol but seriously? i think pokerstars is againts me lol they just dont want me to win. Here are my game ending hands in august, (I wasnt able to record the bad beats i had last July but dont worry ill play the whole month and im sure there will be a lot more of these) My hands are the first ones Aug1: AK vs 5K on the turn he hit his second pair (5) (he went all in after the flop) QQ vs QK on the river K (he went all in preflop) 99 vs J7s on the river J (i went all in after the flop, no over card) Aug2: 88 vs J6s on the river J (i went all in before the flop) K8 vs QJ on the river K K 7 A 10 WOW!!! Aug3: 88 vs A2s on the turn QJKAA (he went all in preflop,i think im BB) AA vs AK vs AQ on the river K Qd 7d 6d 10d flush ( called an all in preflop) seriously what am i doing wrong? lol can anyone give me an advice? maybe i should change my game and play crappy hands maybe ill hit something in the river . it seems like the donks always gets rewarded.