Hi everybody my names's Max aka swellpig . Like many other poker players I'd love to play as often as possible. Sometimes with everyday life being as expensive as it is denies this oportunity and we can only play when we have either free time or available funds. Now I know how many free games are offered by poker sites, which is I can imagine greatly appreciated by everyone as they are by myself. I often find myself with a less amount of either cash or poker points than any current entrance fees, sometimes waiting for hours for a game to begin. Being put in this queue can often be frustrating and sometimes you can even see the number of entrees go down rather than up.



So there's my problem now here's my solution

Rather than having 1FPP or $0.03 in your account and there's little or no option of what you can do with it, there is an ALL IN game available. There doesnt have to be a minimum or maximum amount for this and you could even just keep doubling your balance on heads up option tables or even multiplying your balance on normal size tables. In a way its a flipout game but your in control of how much you bet.

This doesn't just have to be for people with such small amounts in their balance. If you wanted to you could be someone who puts as much of your balance as you choose in the pot for people to bet against.

Let me know your thoughts