its been over 1 year since my last blog post. So i figured since im sitting here waiting for action i might aswell give an update.I made it to highstakes im currently a 200 turbo reg started doing small amount of 300s and also done some bumhunting in 500 turbos. I moved to thailand last year lived there for 9 months just grinding aton and just enjoying life.I came back to sweden now 21 dec and currently setup a pokerhouse with some other good husng players. Had good succsess in 2014 i took nova my best month was 12k not sure about what i made trew out the whole year considering i grind on multiple computers and have ss blocked.I leave it to imagination.

Goals for this year is 300k vpps  75k profit and move my way up to become 500 turbo reg,play some epts and just have fun.

GL at the tables everbody might take awhile before i update this blog again!