Hey once again been a while like i said....

im just gonna try to make this update as quick as possible

February: had an incredibly nice month i ended up being over 2400$ profit 400 bucks from staking

and the rest from 30s/60$ HUSNGS i was being abit lazy tho cuz i only played 800~ games or so

but my goal every month is to do 1k but since i made an unexpected journey to denmark i could catch up at the end i stayed at the radisson blu hotell kinda central in copenhagen me and my friend kristian stayed in a buissness suit on the 24th floor amazing view unfornuately i have no pictures on this computer but i might be able to get some up further on . The trip was incredibly fun

even tho i missed to reg any of the NLHE MTTs they were all full

i spewed of some money on roulette and sportsbetting instaid

March: march ive played about 500 games so far took some days off in the start im going for platinumstar this month just as a goal even tho i dont know if its still worth fighting for ive started off being heavily down as most about 33BI

MY Graph for this month so far below!


i guess u could say that MATTIDM the Pokerstar pro saved me a little he sat me when i open sat 60$ lobby and after 40 hands or so i get it in with my AT v his A9 flop comes T 9 9 and i didnt spike my T i was quick to rematch and he declined (im pretty sure he doesnt play HUSNGS on a regular basis since i cant really say he played well ) anyways after that game i decided to play 30s cuz i was tired etc then it just went down and down so i decided to just stick to 30s untill its all over so atleast this swing isnt at the 60s dodged a bullet there

Also i managed to take a second place last night in the 22$ HU MTT 129 runners once at FT

i have 1800 he got 1200 chips blinds 30/60  i open raise 120 he 3bet jams i call with My AK vs A9 flop 2 7 9 turn blank river blank 600 chips left i open jam A7 off he calls with 66 flp 6 jj and im out got about 387$ for my effort

http://pbrd.co/148iZwf picture of the  AK v A9 hand and the "scoreboard"


Thanks for reading and i hope u enjoyed take care and GL at the tables