Sometimes it's just not your day/week/month. I think everyone has at least a little emotional trouble with losing 5-10 BI's or more in a short period of time. Esp. if ur a winning player. Cuz your used to winning. We will all have stretches that we don't get jack squat for starting hands, don't hit boards for long periods (100's if not thousands of hands). It is, and can be frustrating. Esp, when u know u can beat a good % of players at your level if you can get ahold of anything decent, pre/post flop. When ur getting virtually no starting hands, nothing is connecting w/ the board, every c-bet is called or raised. Ur not getting the right kinds of hands to play in or out of postion at the right times, etc, etc, etc. U finally get that pr of 10's in utg-1 after being coldcarded for 70 hands and 2 other players shove behind u and u have to fold it. What can u do?


My mindset is to just keep playing through it to get to a better place. I feel like, well, if this is going to last a hundred or a thousand hands or whatever, then I want to get through it as fast as possible. And lose as little as I can along the way. It sucks for us all. It will make u upset, no matter how long u have played. It's the one's that can keep their heads, play well during these swings, not compound the loses w/ bad play and chasing loses, and understand it is going to happen, and HAS to happen, and is part of the whole proccess, that will survive in the long run. I usually laugh off the first few losses/bad beats/coolers, etc, and it doesn't bother me too much. (AA cracked by 85. U have the nut straight on turn, ur shove is called by a set that pairs the board on the river, etc,etc.) If it continues, and I start to feel angry/tilted, I just stop playing and come back the next day w/ a fresh head. I think once u feel mad, unless your very advanced and very good at not allowing that anger to affect your play at all, u need to quit for the day, the hour or whatever,