sry for bad updates been busy over new year cuz of my bday and some other stuff.

Well end of 2012 was kicking ass been making some great money

beginning of 2013 suck az tho im having a 23 BI!!!! downswing in just 2 days insaine

i really feel that this is making me stronger in 1 way even tho i feel super "weak" right now not motivated not really comfortable playing etc the usuall stuff that happens when ur losing im just trying to keep my view clean and head high and not to tilt, i havent really tilted in a long time but last night my mind just said boom after like 8 straight lost games i wish i could load up a picture but u cant so ull just get to read about it i smashed my keyboard into like 6 pieces and everything on my desk whent down the floor.


Other than the fact of last nights ragemode i think ive been handling it kinda ok ive been accepting the fact that im gonna lose for a period . I know ill recover that money in a while anyways since we all know a downswing doesnt last forever its super stressfull tho since headsup is the most pure poker format ur edge can be bigger in headsup than in other formats since u only meet 1 player and theres alot of action .

Positive and negative about this downswing:


Positive: Next downswing ur more prepared

U need to stay focused and try to beat the variance

The more u get used to losing the easier it will feel further on in ur poker carrier


Negative: Losing money ofc

the stress that comes with losing

replacing the stuff u break


Not a positive blogpost but i needed to clear my mind alittle somewere take care and run good guys !


Regards sverigelottn