generally ive been running bad for like the whole month havent put in mutch volyme etc feeling unsure about my game etc but every1 can have a bad time in poker nothing u can do except playing and playing untill u realise it wasnt my fault i was losing it was the cards fault lol since my run bad

i decided to pay more attention on the 4mans i feel i can 4-6 table the 15$ 4mans so i decided to play them for a while so far going decent getting vpps fpps slightly profit...


heres 2 hands against a moron on a final table in the 4mans

this hand was very special i knew the guy was capable of barelling hard on air cuz he was doing it alot so i played my hand kinda passive on flop normally im raising there but i figured i get more value in just calling when the turn comes off the Q and he shoots again i figured that he hadnt hit a miracle Q cuz if he did he would prob half pot that turn but he made it like 60% or so when the ace comes on the river he bombs and it doesnt really make sense if he got the q wouldnt he be more cautious about that river cuz i might be on some A 4 a7 a8 type of hands so most flopped pairs will check turn and defenetly check the river so unless he got 3 cards on hand hes on complete air here (3cards on hand= he had an 8 on flop q on turn A on river ) so it really didnt make sense but i had to tank for quite a while before calling cuz he could have gotten lucky and 56 is also in is OOP calling range so on the river i was telling myself 56 or nothing and i assume he would bet less on that river cuz he want my flopped pair to call on that river and ace isnt a good card to shoot at if he puts me on some kind of 8

if u agree with me or got any questions be sure to comment the more comments the more frequently updates ! take care everybody GL


Regards sverigelottn