this week was one of the "better" weekends of my life it was so so crazy haha i dont want to go into so mutch details but boy did we have fun we jumped on the train to denmark like 1pm and arrived at the hotel about 4pm the place was huge we checked in and we had our room at 13th floor with an exceptional view over the whole copenhagen casino at the bottom floor i lost a few hundred bucks on craps lol but shit happens right cant always be winning. we took a cab to copenhagen redlight (stripclub) cuz we were supposed to meet 1 of my friends there it was 3 of us that split the hotel room but our friend wasnt there he decided to travell copenhagen on his own once he got some drinks in him haha fun stuff so me and jake went into the stripclub by our own and we bought ourself a lapdance it was insaine the 2 hottest girls inside this club were dancing topless in our faces yea u can imagine lol then we whent out partying till like 6 am then cab to hotel and went to sleep 9:30 am our "missing" friend shows up and screams lets go PARTY!!! and then 2 minutes later he feel asleep halvway to the bed hahaha he didnt even make it that far u can imagine how mutch we were laughing at him.

im in a game right now so i cant type anymore if any1 wants some more details etc ur free to add my skype viinnx1 if u wanna small talk ask some questions what ever take care for now and GL in ur games



Regards sverigelottn