i had a good run and i was fighting will all the big boys for almost 4 hours to then get busted by the pokerstars pro Mattidm ul ul well started with that i played a sat for the sunday warmup and i was gonna off reg and play the weekly headsup instaid but the sat took so long that i couldnt off reg so there i was playing the 215$ sunday warmup really had no preparations for mtts what so ever but i really played my best at was only about 200 players from itm starting field was something around 3200 made som sick laydowns could have busted many times here is 1 of them




well atleast i can brag that i pokerstars pro had to take me out cuz no1 else could hehe

thanks for all of u thats been railing i appriciate it soo soo mutch was a very fun run and i might play it at some other time ( WELL PREPARED) GL



regards sverigelottn