like the topic say i grinded now for 2-3 and i figured i take a break and give u guys an update


ive played 23 tourneys 14 wins 9 losses so far (only in 30$s)

so 150$ pure profit if u dont count rake so far so right now its going on good

had a few games against this canadian i dont know whats about him hes a 15$ reg and everytime i sit

first in the 30s he usually jumps up 1 level and sit me and im very good to get reads quickly so after the first 2 games (that i won) i had his game all figured out he won 2 flips in 2 games no big deal and i dont know excaktly how many we played more but i was + 1 or 2 BI after we finished guy checked flop and folded turn like 80% or something huge leak also he always raised with the gods barely called down so easy game hope he shows up again later tonight GL every1 i give another update before i go to bed




Regards Sverigelottn