...I also won my first NAPL rookie division ticket. I just started playing poker again and this time around I'm taking it a little more seriously. I first started playing last year because of a guy that I liked was really into it (ha! typical). I would play micro games on Full Tilt and the occasional tourney. I'll admit that at first, I was playing mostly on luck due to the lack of any real poker knowledge. Obviously this meant that I would usually bottom out early. No fun. I stopped playing for a while due to school starting again (currently 3rd year Pharmacy student), and this is my first month back. I can definitely say that my game has improved A LOT thanks to taking the time to read more indepth about the game (i.e. pot odds, positions etc...). Before in a 10k person tourney I would only place in the 8000s but now I'm making it into the low hundreds if not better. I know I still have SO much more to learn and having an outlet like this helps a lot. twitter.com/sveltelove