First off, I don't know how many people will actually take the time to read my blog, and ultimately it doesn't make much of a difference. But to those of you that have taken the time away from your daily grind, thank you, and hopefully you accompany me along this journey of mine back into online poker.

So a little bit of a back story on myself... I am 26 years old from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. I first started playing online poker in 2007 at the young age of 18. I played online here at Pokerstars for approximately 3 years. In 2011, my first daughter was born and understandably as a new parent, and a young one at that, the time and money I had for poker started fading away. I still kept up to date with the poker world and averaged playing at the local casino at least 5 times per month. I would consider myself a pretty good player, but nothing large winnings wise to show it so there is plenty of room for improvement. In 2014, I travelled to Montreal, Quebec to play my first large live event, WPT Montreal. Played well Day 1B, but was eliminated late in Day 2. It was a great learning experience and something that motivates me everyday to understand the game and better myself.

As of today I am back on the felt at Pokerstars and will be starting with a bankroll of $80.00 USD and attempting to rise through the stakes playing ring games, SNGs and MTTs, and build it to something more. I will be following basic bankroll management guidlines and will be providing not only interesting stories along the way, but will also provide weekly updates as I break down some key sessions/hands.


Thank you for reading, and please feel free to leave your thoughts and follow me on my journey!