Yesterdays Sunday PSO COOP freeroll was a unique experience.  It seemed the players, were playing at a higher level of competition.  The prize was not points but rather was a COOP ticket into a higher level tournament with the opportunity of a nice cash reward.

    I had decided prior to this tournament, I would tighten up my game.  Only playing a top 5 hand for the first hour of the game.  I noticed that i slowly was gaining chips. A few players took chances with all in's of pocket 7's or 8's and managed to double up and take their chip counts up rather quickly. I stayed with my plan of patience for the duration of the game.

    As time went on, I watched those overly aggressive players losing their chips and falling out of the tournament.  As usual I noticed other members that I have played against, (Better Than me) slowly making head way thru the standings as well.  The Bubble was approaching and I wondered if I need to gamble with weaker hands in order to add needed chips or maintain with my original plan?  I refused to give in to temptation, at one point I was in 45th position and needed to make top 41 in order to earn my first COOP ticket!  Finally I was faced with KJ spades (in the Small Blind) against the dominating chip leader in the Big Blind.  If I raised he would easily call as he had me dominated in chips 25K to his 310K chips, so I only called the position with the intention of calling any re-raise.  The flop came to my advantage with (King Nine Four). I gently made a minimal bet and the BB folded and the 18K chip pot was mine and i made the a position change to 28th, well into the final cut.

    I finished in the 31st position and won my First COOP Ticket!  "Thank You PSO and all the members of  PSO."   My ranking is not worth mentioning however I feel that this win signifies to me I am capable of playing and look forward to increasing my knowledge of this game.