After a long break, the newbie me decided to start playing poker again. At least try to do so.
I started a few years ago. I have such character that I take up many things, but I don't finish all of them. After discovering online poker, i started to search for a way to play without investing much money, since at that time I was at school and didn't have loads of money to spend. I found several schools, which gave you some sums of money after passing the quizzes, and I easily passed all of them. But the money was wiped out in a blink of the eye, as I think because they didn't feel like real money and I played it like play money - recklessly and without thinking much. After that I decided to invest some of my own money, so I did it: I've put around 20$ on my account. I don't remember clearly how did I play, but I wasn't too successful. When I was out of my BR, I decided to catch the last straw. On some poker room, there were freerolls, giving 10 euro for the first place (they could be won only once). After like 3 games I won, and redeposited the money in PS. I didn't think much about BR management at that time, so I began playing 3$ SNG. Luckily, I caught an upstreak, and soon I had ~50$ on my BR. After that, I started reading some strategies, books, and I took up the strategy of short stakes. It gave me a lift-up, my BR was like 150$ in no time, which was like OMG I'M KEWL at that time. Being overconfident, I went up in limits w/o sufficient BR, caught a downstreak, started tilting, and my BR went down immediately. After that, being disappointed and having less time due to entering the university, I gave up playing.

Nowadays, after my exams, having some free time, I decided to start anew. My PS account still has some ~20$, and before depositing, I'm playing some 1$ SNG. I'm catching a slight downstreak, make mistakes (naturally, after such a long break). But I plan to wipe the dust off my poker literature, watch some videos. This night I watched Dave's video about Cbets, was nice to remember some stuff and learn few things. Pity I won't be able to watch them when my holidays end, since ending a session 5.30AM isn't a thing I can afford.

Anyways, hope my second beginning will be somehow successful.