This month's Big Bang has been a great confidence booster.  I've never run so deep, getting eliminated in 73.   With 250 players left, I was really believing I could get to the final table.

As Phil has been saying all WSOP, play great poker!.... And for me, it was probably one of my best performances.

I understand math and statistics and how they can help you gain advantages in the game, but Phil has reminded me that the mental game is probably more important.  Believing in yourself, having a positive attitude, can be the only way to win.  Good plays that build your confidence, begets more good play... Bring on The exponential curve of positivity!!

I also have to give a big shout out to the pokerschool, so much great content, and many live training sessions every week just keep giving me new ideas on playing, and helps me see when I am making mistakes.

And I don't want to forget those pros that stream on twitch and YouTube, giving insights and play games live games for us nearly every day.  I am sure I have improved from all of your content.

I look forward to my next shot at a Big Bang... The level of play is of better quality, and I have enjoyed testing my MTT skills again better players.


see you at the tables!