I have been off for some time, sickness delayed.  I am finally feeling better enough to play. 

I continue my table of results...

Game        Position          cash       Cummulative ROI   Notes
14                 26                  0.00                     -8%           Raised preflop 5X with 88, then called all in after 10-5-3 flop.  ran into a 10

15                 25                  0.00                   -14%           All-in AK vs QQ

16                 30                  0.00                   -19%           All-in AK vs AJ, A&J hit the flop

17                 31                  0.00                   -24%           77 All-in vs AQ

18                 36                  0.00                   -28%           no comment

19                 25                  0.00                   -32%            I didn't watch.... had the chip lead with 33 players to go...

20                 30                  0.00                   -35%            JJ lost to KK

21                 30                  0.00                   -38%           AK lost to 76o

22                   9                  0.00                   -41%           saved the hand history

23                 24                  0.00                   -44%           Should I start getting frustrated??!

24                   1                  3.23                      7%           Finally a victory (and a commanding one!!)  hand history saved

It has taken me 23 more games to finally cash again!  I can say that I worked hard for the victory, and I thiink I did a good job on the way.  I believe I played well, chose my spots, and took advantage of my position and chip stack.  I played the bubble, stealing and raising to build mys tack, which was quite strong at the final talbe.  I think I had at least twice the chips of any other opponent from 7 players on.  at heads-up I had a better than 4-1 chip count.   If I can load up my 129 hand tourney, I would like to see where I played well, where I got lucky, and where I could have done better...

I thought over 24 games, I would have been able to cash more often, at least better than once in 10 games.  Let's keep going to see what else I can do!