How have I been tracking my succes of poker?  By my bankroll only.  How has that gone for me... I am back where I started at the beginning of the year!  I never really thought about tracking stats, or my ROI

I've been reading some of the forums, and some of the strategies differnt players use to measure their success, and their ability to "graduate" to higher stakes, and differnt games.  I have played stakes as high as $7, and have ahd some success at that level (I didn't go bankrupt!).  Bt I have never considered looking at my ROI in relation to the risks I have been taking.  I am sure I am not making good "investment" decisions.  So here is my attempt to get a better understanding of my success, and be more diligent about increasing my stakes.  Now I have to see how ong it will take me to hit 1000 games!

The game of choice, 0.25 45 man.  And here is my approach to 1000 games:

1) Start slow.  One table at a time to start.  I am thinking I would need to play at least 30 games single tabling before considering multi-tabling.  I haven't decided yet what criteria I should use to decide if I can multi-table.  I would want to have a positive return, but I don't know if I should set a specific percentage first...

2) Begin Multi-tabling.  Adding one table, and ensuring they are well staggered (registering for the next one at least 15 minutes after the preious one has started.  I would likely want to play 60 tables while multi-tabling two before graduating to 3.  I also think I would need to at least maintain the same ROI while single-tabling.  I don't know if there is a good benchmark to use here to measure success.

3) Add more tables:  Start thinking about 3 and 4 tables at once.  This isn't scary... I have multi-tabled up to 6 before, but it does start getting hectic.  I really think I can handle 4 (they display well on one monitor!)  I would want to put in 90 games at 3 tables before going to 4, and I will like to also maintain a certain ROI.  I woudl want to multi-table at 4 for a count of 120 games before moving on to step 4.  Again, ROI will be my criteria to decide if I move on.  I don't know if the 300 tables at 0.25 to this point (or more, if I am not ready to add another table to the mix...)

4)  Changing stakes:    Add the 0.50 Turbo to the repetoire.  I gather I will have to single table 0.25 and 0.50.  If I can maintain my ROI, I will start adding 0.25 tables according to the same strategy above up to a total of 4 tables.

5)  start multitabling 0.50. replacing a 0.25 table with a 0.50 table.  Again using the same table strategy.  At this point, I figure I will be able to manage 4 tables comfortably.  If I can't, I expect I will drop a 0.25 table.

6) Re-assess.  At this point, I may want to change games (0.50 90 man or even 180 man!)

This is an aggressive schedule... but I have always been more aggressive in everything I do (don't get in my way on the road!!) 

 Let's get this started.  Game one now in progress!