I can now say the December promotions have been the near death of me.  I stuck it out on the tables for many milestone hands, including the final 300th.  no luck anywhere, even on the shared stakes.  I played .01/.02, .02/.05 and .05/.10  in my first attempt to multitable for the last 10 million hands or so.  I guess I should have added one more...  Ah well.  I had lots of fun, and I think I can hold my own at the tables.  My bankroll took a beating through the week, but at the late stages, I was playing well, and getting in hours of play on a minimum buy-in. 

The good news in all of this... I successfully satellited in to the $1 million Sunday storm, and then satellited again into todays tourney. Unfortunately both with the same result, out at around the 2 hour mark.  I'd like to make that tournament a regular part of my repetoire....as long as I satellite in!

I am a little of a lost soul now for the rest of the year.  I think I will take a break from steady play, and think about how I will tackle the new year.  A new set of goals, with more focus on the results, less on just achieving a milestone.. Those thoughts will be for the new Year!!


Well, I better get to wrapping the christmas gifts... Merry Christmas Everyone!