So, I had to log in as soon as I got home today (leave the chores just a little while longer...) to see how my luck fared on the mission freeroll.  My bankroll is $24 bigger thanks to a 98th place finish.  What a suprise! over 5000 entrants, and over 4000 places paid.  I survived 3 rounds before being knocked out in the fourth in 98th place.  I don't know who won, but I suspect they are a little more than happy!  I am seriously happy about $24!!

This prize will actually give my bankroll enough of a boost to play a few $2.50 180 mans.  Yes.... I know, I should have more than $129 in bankroll, but I will try up to 4, and if I don't get a good cash, I will drop back down to $1.50.  I've got to stay aggressive with my bankroll, because I certainly can't play enough at the $1 or $0.5 level to gain 30 VPP.  Only so many hours in the day, and I love my sleep!

I think I will stick to my Easy level again.  I will see how it goes, and if I can build my bank north of $175, I will be able to move up a level for next week. 

Anybody cheering me on?  I'd love to hear your comments.  Also, if you think I would be interested in your story, let me know.  I am just surfing the blogs randomly based on interesting titles...

See you at the tables (maybe at at $2.50 180 man)!!