I took a little break this weekend.  I wanted to get a ticket to the Red Spade open, but was unsuccessful.  I kept gambling more than playing smart poker.  The deadline was approaching... and I kept getting frustrated... so bad decision making.

I had been putting off outdoor work for some time, and I decided to do that instead.  Maybe some physical work would clear my head, and help me re-focus.  Digging holes and mixing cement is great for clearing out negative auras (cleansing of the soul as a matter of speaking...), but it doesn't do as many wonders for my back.  I am old school when it comes to the work, no machinery, just me and a shovel.  All cement mixed in a wheelbarrow, one bag at a time.  30 bags of cement, 30 kg each...a lot of tired!!

So the timing of the mission weeks is perfect.  I need to concentrate again on smart and patient play.  I know I can build my bank, and play the required VPP for the easy level.  But, my goal is to build my bank, and give a go at the higher levels of missions over the next weeks.  I think if I set myself a goal I can do it! ... I will step up one level each week over the 4 weeks.  I am starting at the 30VPP level, and go from there.

The key to success, cash at every opportuity, so I  can have a bank to play the higher stakes.  I don't have more time to play, so I have to make the most of my time.  I am under no illusion that I can cash every time.  that is just unreasonable.  I have been sucked out too many times to believe otherwise.  Losing on the river with a superior hand is part of the "joy" of poker.  I am sure this game wouldn't be as popular without these unfortunate strokes of luck, because I have also been on the receiving side of luck as well!  Taking down pocket aces with a straight or a flush is quite a rush...

So, I start this off today with $90 in bankroll.  (a far cry from the $300 I had a few months ago!!)  So playing at the $1 and $1.50 level, I will have to put in about 40 games to ensure I hit 30 VPP.  I'd like to get back up to the $3.50 level,   I better cash in a few to make that happen.  I'll be ready to play at $3.50 at $175 of bankroll... so here is to building a bank.

For this performance, I think I will try my hand at Ring games again.  I prefer tournament play, but I need to build experience everywhere. 

So, I think I will need to update my blog every week.  Wish me luck!!