HI Groupies!! (lol, but I thought I would give it a try!!)


 I have been struggling as of late, and it seems like every decion I make is wrong!.  September was a month of firsts for me, and my confidence was at an all-time high.

I have made some serious mistakes... but I am sure Pokerstars is happy about it (along with all thos who have been doubling up through me!!) 

I have given back about 2/3 of my bankroll... but I bought in to the 800 million tourney (failing to get a spot in the satellites.. best finish was 5th with 2 spots getting a ticket...).  I can't fault my play for losing over $200 since I bought in to a $109 tournament!!

I survived about 4 hours of the 800 million tourney, but that didn't cut it for the money.  I had a good game going... and got sucked out on a hand where I was leading all the way to the river.... then my stack was too small to really get anything going.  I am not upset about my play, I think I did well considering.  A good experience in the end.  I would like to play more of these, and I am sure I can make the money!

Now I must face reality and work with a smaller bankroll.  I think I will spend more time in training sessions, and reviewing training videos.  October will be a good month to re-focus and concentrate on good decision making.  In looking at some of the training already, I have seen occasions where I was risking too many chips, and continuing in bad spots.  I'm just glad I haven't bankrupted myself in the process! (but it sure feels like it!)

I will also have to try my hand a submitting some hand histories... I've never done this before.  I was thinking I should get hand histories for a tournament I am playing in, and send it for assessment... but then I don't know what criteria I should use to determine a good tournament to submit.  I suspect an early exit won't be too useful... and on the other hand, If I win, I don't know if there is much value there either...  Any thoughts on this would be helpful!!


Well, off to see if I can build a bank again!!  See you at the tables.