I think I am a little excited! so much fun stuff happening this month!

I achieved Chromestar last month, and depleted my bankroll... it seemed pretty hopeless in trying to achieve 100VPP this month.  Especially with my "rules" for bankroll management.  My rule, No tournament entry fee should be more than 10% of my total bankroll.  So with $20 to start the month, I was essentially playing at the $1.50 tables. 

My favorite game at that level is the 9 man knockout.  I've played it many times, and have managed some good results.  I had the success I was hoping for, and graduated to the $3.50 level once I grew my bank large enough.

While I was plugging away at that (certainly no major VPPearnings at that level...) I finally checked out some live training, and session videos.  I haven't been taking advantage of the pokerschool training material, shame on me!

So today.... I achieved a major milestone for my bankroll, I've topped $300!  I thought I was excited at $100 (I have been here before), then $200 (which I was fluctuating up and down over for the past few weeks), but $300 seems like a really big deal to me! 

I have graduated into the $15 space, where my favorite game is the 18 man turbo.  I achieved the $300 by winning two consecutive tournaments.  I had to cash in the first one, or drop down to the $7 game level.

I have successfully gained the 100VPP necessary to maintain the Chromestar level.  And with this bank, I have the confidence to maintain that level in the months to come.  Heck, I am halfway to Silverstar at this point.  Can I play enough to the end of the month to gain another 200VPP?  I'm sure I can play enough, but I also need to maintain my success to keep playing at the $15 level. 

Can I now start dreaming of bigger and better things?!  My confidence is at an all-time high, and I think I am playing well.  I'm trying not to make stupid mistakes (they happen on occassion!), but still play aggressively enough to build my chip stack and be in contention every time. Achieving a supernova level sure sounds fantastic right now.  But, I am taking a reality check, I don't think I am ready for the amount of play required to get there...  This could be a stretch goal for me next year!

With the months I have left... I will be shooting for better results.  Maybe Gold status will be in the cards before the year is over!!!

So I still have 2 goals left unaccomplished...

1) reaching the premium skill league via the open league

I've missed some opportunities to play in the open league, which means my ranking has dropped steadily.  I will give it a go for this last week, but I am not too optinistic I can make up 4000 places in a week.  But, with my new found "status"  I will be in great position to try again next month!

2) playing in the Sunday Million.

With $300 chips, I can just buy-in to the million, but that won't feel like much of an accomplishment.  I think once WCOOP is over, I will try to satellite in..

I hope you enoyed the read.  Please comment, I look forward to see what others think of my achievements!