So.... I said I would try to accummulate 500VPP to make good on the VIP month promotions...


Well, I must say, that is extremely difficult with a bankroll under $100.  I started with over $60, and played my bankroll below $20.  But, I did achieve a first milestone, Chromestar! 

I also managed a ticket to the VIP million tournament through the trivia freerolls.  To my suprise, there was no poker to play...  All-in and luck of the draw.  Started with a good opening hand, but got beat out the first round.  Too bad for me, but I am sure the winner (determined within 15 minutes or so...) was ecstatic.

I kinda liked the premise, which essentially puts everybody on equal footing, but I think it would have been nice to be able to play the 4 max.  Maybe start with 4BB and increase the blinds every minute (ultra-turbo..?)  A least you feel you made a choice!  Wonder what the pokerstars power that be would think of that suggestion...?

Well, I am back into bank building mode.  My favorite game these days seem to be the 9 player turbo knockout sit-n-gos.  I have pretty good success.  Best story... managed to win the tournament, and take all but one bounty!  Man, I wish I could have had the sweep!

I haven't forgotten about my original goals set out at the beginning.  My focus this month is to place high enough in the open league to get the ticket to the premier league.  I am starting out OK.  I just need to play smart enough to avoid the early exit.  I am playing quite tight and avoiding the all in before the flop without anything other than AA, AK (suited preferably) and KK.  Other than that, I want to see a flop with other hands I like to play.  Hopefully I will have some good news at the end of the month.


Back to play, I have to earn at least 100 VPP to keep my Chromestar status.  I like the idea of status!!


See you at the tables!