Well,  I am in bankroll building mode, and the Micromillions are approaching.  I hd some success the alst time Micromillions came around, playing in 5 tournaments, and even cashing on a couple.

I am starting to play some of the sattelites to get some tickets for the events.  Since I can usually only get time to play on the weekends, I will be trying to sattelite in to some of my more favorite games (Heads-up, kockout, and 6 max tourneys).  I am also going to see fi i can sattelite into the Main event.  I missed the March 3 million, no need to miss this one!

My break from poker has been productive.  i have a little better focus now, and am making better decisions.

This is my first thurday off in a long while, and I am looking to see if I can final table the Online Pokershow freeroll.  Here goes nothing!


See you at the tables!