Feb 2, 2013: 




Bank: 29.79

FPP:  74.06

So I have played a bit, and lost a bit since my first ring game win.  Played a few 0.10 tourneys, and a couple 1.50 knockout tourneys.  I am giving the Hotter 0.55 a try right now.  Nearing the first hour, and I am tracking above the average chip count.  Trying to play patient and pay attention to the other players.  Saying this... I should be concentrating on the table!

 I will check in later!

Out in 3300 on starting field of over 8000.  Didn't finish the second hour.  I don't think I played too poorly, just ran out of BB, and chose a poor spot to go all in.  Off to try something else!

See you at the tables

 Feb 9,2013

I have been away from the tables all week.  Couldn't find the time to get a game going.  too bad i have to have a real job to pay the bills.  I'd much rather play ooker all day, but then I would lose the house, car, and everything else the bank co-owns with me!

It is already late, and I am feeling tired.  I will thry the 9PM Open league, and see if i can make the positive points.  I have only played in two tournaments so far this month, and scored -9.2 and -1.1  Better luck this time!!  Now that there is a big bang, gotta do better.


See you at the tables