I am relatively new at PSO skill league as I have been  a member since December 2010. My ratings have improved since I started, yet not to my satisfaction. I decided to identify the places where I lost the most points by reviewing my list of PSO points results. What I saw were alot of tournaments, many of them positive but also large negatives intermittantly. My first initial thought was "How can I eliminate the large variance situations in my game that produce negative points, to achieve higher standings?" What I found was two answers: 1. I was playing tournaments when either I did not have time or had played too much poker that day, and therefore 2. ended up playing great hands too much early in the tournament, which were beat, but many were not "bad beats" as described in the variance lesson. True bad beats are much more rare, and that is what makes them "bad beats". So in light of all the information, here is my strategy in concurrent order to the 2 problems listed above.
1. I now play less tournaments and only play one at a time so I can pay attention to individual characteristics of the players at my tables and avoid what I call "tournament tilt" when I lose sight of the overall objective. Also, I am going on the model of quality play over a large quantity of play. This also enables me to accomplish the other important things in my life like college.

2. Every now and then bad beats do occur, some worse than others. I found that the higher the category requirement for my hands early in the tourney, the more I hit positive points, and sometimes a great chip advantage at the crucial bubble part of the tourney.

Any feedback is appreciated!