PSO Skill League – you got me wrong, man!
Last night I was playing PSO Skill League Tourney. More or less I find the players at least as skilled as me, because in order to be qualified for this tourney you must pass from certain quizzes. All of them at the table were obviously achieved this, no doubt.
Tourney began with strange hands as always. It was around 23:15 night and I was very tired, but I chose to play. I was not thinking to score big in this tourney, because of the night and hoping to get busted early, so that I could sleep. I chose bluffing option in this tourney; usually I never bluff and do not go further from flop if there no good reason. But, this one was different, it was late and I was tired.
Tourney began with [As Qc] for me. There was a 5 BB raise at the table and I called flop is [3d Qh 4d] – I was in a late position and saw another bet from early raiser and I did my re-raise to 840 and both were all in: Turn and river was like that: [Ah] [7s]
I got doubled. This is not what I want to say here; after 40 hands I was over 10K which was about 5 times bigger than the average and I met LIL_NICK8605 at the table which will turn up my discussion partner later.
After a while NICK got me and went up to 7900 in chips I am down to 8400. On hand #54 I bluffed him with [8h Ks] on a board: [4c 7s 5h 9d] [7h] and got back to 9K.
Hand #65 was the beginning of everything: I got pocket deuces and it was the time to get trips on the flop because before this I got 4 or 5 pocket pairs but did not tripped on the flop so I expected to hit this time and hit is on a flop: [2d 4c 9d] as it the lowest trips I was not thinking to slowplay it and bet 1BB(250) on the flop and only NICK called me turn came  [Jd] with a possible hand of flush (to be frankly, I didn’t care that while playing, I was only thinking my hand.) both checked and river was: [Ks] no help to me and NICK is all in and I called 5525. He showed [3d 7d] and collected the pot with a flush.
I said nice hand not with the intention to start a discussion with the guy but it seemed he’d like to.
I was down to 4030 and he went up to 12625. He made these comments: 1. "you've been playing me for the last 20 hands", 2. "folded when I’ve folded, raised me when I’ve bet" – Man, I never play people, I play my cards! – I know that this is not a good way to play poker, because you must play cards and players both as it is not a live tourney so you must mainly play your cards, So did I. Then, I told him “It is a poker” and “You simply got lucky”
He did not accept that he was lucky and began to defend himself. He said that I had 9 outs and you only 2 outs that is why I had a higher chance of hitting my flush and beat you.
The weaker your hand the higher your chance of hitting the card. Obviously, Trips are weaker than flush, that is why when you hit your flush it means that you are lucky. But he did not confess and advised me to go back to school and study outs and odds.
Here is the chat script:
LIL_NICK8605 said, "i thought it was a tactic of the tourney that you were trying out"
SBR44Q said, "rather be lucky than good any day"
LIL_NICK8605 said, "lucky? so hitting a 2 wasn't lucky?"
sunuba said, "I was sitting with a pocket pair, good or bad it is a pair in the hole..."
LIL_NICK8605 said, "i had miles more outs then you haha"
LIL_NICK8605 said, "i could've hit any card pre flop providing you didn't and beat you"
sunuba said, "10 to 1 for trips and 0.89 to 1 for flush very good odds."
sunuba said, "it is not the way you play poker - I think you are still defendind your play but you should not."
LIL_NICK8605 said, ".89 to 1??? how you work that out then?" – It was percentage I made a mistake here.
LIL_NICK8605 said, "i do not defend myself, i like my play and mostly find it quite successful"
sunuba said, "I did not criticize your game - I only said nice hand. And it was..." – I really didn’t criticize it is a fact, I did not care if I lost that hand because I was thinking to go to sleep as soon as possible.
sunuba said, "I understand that it is a poker, so I really do not care when I loost"
sunuba said, "loose"
LIL_NICK8605 said, "true, i didn't say you did lol, your taking me wrong i wanted to know why you felt i got lucky when my outs to beating your hand where that small"
sunuba said, "My hitting trips has better odds than your hitting flush - very simple"
LIL_NICK8605 said, "you need to go back to school mate"
pokemallgood said, "trips is like a 2 outer, flush is like a 9 outer"
sunuba said, "So, you are not counting that I have a ready pair in the hole and you hitting a pair is about 33%"
LIL_NICK8605 said, "thats got nothing to do with it dude"
LIL_NICK8605 said, "i'm not argueing with you sunuba, your wrong, the way you’re working your outs out is wrong too"
sunuba said, "Oh, I see, I am going back to school..."
LIL_NICK8605 said, "i had 9 outs to beat your hand"
sunuba said, "yes, you are right. I agree"
LIL_NICK8605 said, "9 outs to hit cos you'd tripped up, and all the 7's and all the 3's if you hadn't, plus any staright draws that may have been present (which they were'nt"
sunuba: folds
sunuba said, "I see."
LIL_NICK8605 said, "1 out is any card that helps you beat an opponent’s hand without helping your opponents"
I really do not know what the hell he was talking about but I accepted everything as I understood. I told him that there was no reason to play with 73 even though it is suited and asked him to talk to his teacher about that.
Then he commented:
LIL_NICK8605 said, "lets ask the board, i just gave you the reason to play them in the hole"
And my answer:
 sunuba said, "If there is a wisdom on the board they will see that you were over 15K and now close to 7K and I was under 3K and now 13K"
LIL_NICK8605 said, "thats got nothin to do with it either lol," -  I know there is: If you are skilled player then there is. You must understand that playing every suited rag and hoping to hit a flush is not a poker – it is a gambling. That is why there is.
sunuba said, "If you are a good player then it has."
LIL_NICK8605 said, "i never said i was good, i said i enjoy the way i play and it does me well and i make some money out of it"LIL_NICK8605 said, "and the way i apply odds and outs is correct, whereas your method is deeply flawed and not correct"
Later on I checked his and my stats and saw that there is a big difference between us and I am obviously better!
sunuba said, "You are 4998 out of 9436 and I am 1601 out of 9436"
sunuba said, "I have 1544.77 points and you have 1491,65"
I wrote this because I felt obliged. I know my odds and outs – without them poker is not possible.
I wish everybody good luck and good odds to play poker!