the main concept here is downswing 



let me explain some hands i have recently played before blowing my bankroll completely

i got AKs in heads up actually its an monster in heads up and i have raised and my opponent is an verry loose one he put all in even with Ax some thing as i think he puts all in and i have called

iam very happy to see his cards are A5 and it comes like community cards are J22 5 5  ihave just laughted my self  and iam not frustrated abou that 

second one is i got AA on the Button and every body fold to me i have just called as the bigblind is over aggressive one i know that he is going to raise just like that he raised and i shubbed all in i feel pity after seeing his cards he called my all in with Q2s and here comes QJK 2 4 and after this i think he feel pity about me haha

like this i have lost allmost 14 coinflips in a 2 hours then i relized that i have lost all my bankrol of 80$ which i have earned from !0$ 

to be frank if u have lost all of your bankroll the main thing u have to keepp in mind is that 

you are a winning player you have done very well at poker to get to this point

This wasn't all luck

If you believe that it was a luck then kindely play roulette for living