From beginning means i have to start from 2nd year of my college when i came to know about this guy named Dan Bilzerian throug my common friends and surfed about him in net and came to know his high level life style to be frank i did'nt want to live like this man but want to know how he earnd that much of money and absolutely througth pokerr and again surfed about poker and learned the game to my surprise i have learned the game in just 5 min but it takes till now  and further to Master the game.As iam from india it is illigal to play poker online.So at first i used to play poker in Facebook online game and got bored of it And signed up in Pokerstars i have been playing poker in pokerstars from 4 months none of our banks supports transactions to poker sites


so i used to play bunch of freerolls and earned about 11$ from freerolls and free Sit&Go tickets and from bankroll builder(bankroll builder just credited 2$ only and need to pass my Cash game course for further prize)in just 1 day turned my 2$ to 7$ after 3 days i have lost all my bank roll and now i have just 3 cents in my account and i started playing freerolls again 

the day i lost all of my bank roll i didnt sleep all the night thinking of the hands i have played that day as iam from india its a very difficult process to deposit in poker sits so back to free rolls