i first started playing poker in facebook . After some winning i thaught i can play this game for real money . so i decided to join pokerstar as it is best in the world and has maximum number of player palying online but sooon i came to realise that i dont know anything about poker . when i tried to bluff peopel wud  shove me  . i thaught  damn these player are agressive. soon i lost my money . then  a good thing happened to me . i joined pso . i started watching videos in the library and to be honest its has improved me . i started posting hands in forum for hand analysis  and the response is quick . i  still think JWK24 ,Artysmokes , and gamblingprop are the forum ninja they are lighthing fast in replying to the thread i dont know how the do it lol. .



Recently i started attending pso live training class  and these classes are so informative and the best thing about them is that you can ask question live  to mentor . The live classes hav improved my game a lot and i am still trying to learn to play decent poker