I am the embodiment of The Pokerican Dream. I am no longer play money dirt poor. I now qualify as play money working poor. I pulled myself up by my play bootstraps and can now afford some play shelter. Maybe some play clothes. Possibly even some play pizza once a week. Indeed, I have completed the first step on my road to inevitable global poker domination.

Specifically, I done good with low-level play money SNGs so far. By no means do I think this makes me a good poker player. I think it just means I'm not hopelessly stupid when there's nothing real on the line. I started out in the lowest level (10 chip buy-in), did okay, but quickly realized that the players at those tables view poker as no different from roulette (3 all-ins on the first hand, yay!), so there was no real strategy to be utilized there. I jumped up to the 55 and 109 chip buy-in SNGs, consistently placed 1st or 2nd in 6- and 9-man SNGs, then decided to jump up to 320 chip SNGs. When my "profit" gained even more consistency at that level, I realized something pretty positive. The higher the stakes, the better I get.

So, I pulled out the credit card and jumped into a real money 100/200 NLHE ring game... No, of course I didn't! I may be a fool, but I'm not a damn fool. And I realize that using the word "stakes" while talking about play money games is pretty strange, but I did notice that the people at those 320 tables with me actually put a bit of thought into their play. Obviously not big real money thought, but still, they were actually trying to win. And as my opponents tried harder and thought more, I did better, as my basic strategic efforts finally found receptive victims. I'm taking that as a pretty good sign.

I've only been doing 6- and 9-man SNGs so far, but I want to give some play cash games a try, see how that feels. I also want to jump up to the 530 play chip SNGs, keep playing tight and utilizing what basic strategy I currently have, and see how it goes. I still have the original 1000 play chips you're given when you make your account, and I've never needed to be given more. Even if it's play money, I'm trying to learn this game and become good, and that wouldn't be helped by disrespecting my "bankroll".

Also, I'm having fun. The more I play, the more fun I have. I don't mind the pressure at all. I'm not letting things get to me. I think I've got a pretty good poker temperament, which may well be my greatest asset in this learning stage. I'm certainly not lacking a drive to learn more and advance in my play. I am, however, running out of things to say in this post. So I'm outta here!

(Disclaimer: If the things I say make me seem overconfident and self-satisfied, that may well be because I am overconfident and self-satisfied.)