Hello there.

I'm pretty new to poker. Not totally new, but pretty new. I know some of the basics, but I'd like to know a lot more, and know it well. Poker speaks to the amateur strategist in me. I am a huge fan of intellectual combat, which poker appears to offer in spades. Spades, get it?! Muahaha... eh. Don't worry, that was an intentionally lame joke. I'm not sure if that ever makes it better in anyone else's eyes, but it makes all the difference in mine, so there.

So, the plan is to run through pretty much all of the resources that PSO offers. I may or may not try some play money games before I complete all of the training, but either way I intend on learning all I can. I have no intention of bringing real money into the mix until I trust that I know what I'm doing. I think that's only smart. But I'm sure I'll enter the real money ranks eventually. Millions and millions of dollars shall then surely rain on me as through from the very heavens, no doubt.

I'll write another post when I actually have something to post.

(Disclaimer: Blog quality is not guaranteed to improve in the future.)