February was my best month ever since I started playing poker. Now, March has came i can't seem to catch a break. As I said before, I know about and expect swings from just variance. It is just frustrating when you try to do everything right  and seem to get punished for it.

Lately, I can't make out the first two levels. I try to stay out of trouble early in tournaments but if I am holding aces or kings, I am definitely calling an all-in. Your opponent turns over something like jack six offsuit so you feel good preflop. Remember holdem is a five street game and of course they make two pair or a full house.

Last week things like that caused me to go on mega-tilt. I got my senses back and tooked the rest of the week of to clear my mind. My first action back will be in the NAPL Freeroll which will start about twenty minutes from now.

I am not a whiner and do accept things as they are. It does not mean I have to like it.