Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a good holiday season. I spent my time fighting the flu through most of it. I used time when able to work on my poker skills. I use every bit of free time for poker now. I have a goal to go pro by the time the WSOP comes around this year. I study and play almost every single day now. No more television except football or poker. No going out unless poker related. I haven't stopped loving women though. I have just cut back; plus they are all my biggest supporters. I know why some of them would love me to succeed. I use them like they use me. Enough of that.

Now to the real subject of this blog. As I indicated, I play everyday. I have practically eliminated cash game and stuck mainly to sit n' gos and tourneys. I have concentrated either on guaranteed prize pool, satellites and steps to major events, especially the live ones.

I play on all the major sites. I have been doing well the last two months or so. I have cashed in many and made some final tables. Every type of qualifier I have played in until today, I made to the next round. What is the bad part of all this?

Poker Stars. I do good in their qualifiers, satellites and steps. The cash tournaments are another story. I have yet to make even one cent. I go deep in all the tournaments and have always busted out right before the money. I understand that because I am playing in some the largest fields there are online it is ludicrous to think I am going profit everytime I sit down and play. I understand about variance, luck and the long term. It is all just so frustrating to play a couple of hours over and over and have nothing to show for it.

All that said; I am not a quitter. I hear the stories of how long it took before some of poker's greatest players cashed in a WPT or WSOP event so I am not going to lose any sleep over it. I know it will come sooner or later. Plus, because I do play on all the sites, I know my volume will make up for it all.

Anyway, its time to go play again. Bye-bye.