Okay, so you study and practice playing and the results just don't seem to be coming. Could it be that you are not 100% into the game? Could something be on your mind that is taking your thoughts away from the table? Poker requires much concentratration and anything that hinders your brain from operating at full capacity will cost you in skill progression and more important money. When you sit down and play you must be ready to handle just the task at hand and not let any outside influences creep into your mind. Poker is the only important thing at that moment. If other things are in a mess then those things can burden your play. Is your debt killing you? Is your boss getting on your nerves? Is your significant other nagging you about wasting your time playing poker or losing money? Do your feet or back hurt? Are you a Carolina Panthers fan? Until you solve your other problems you will always be hurting your poker success. (I am originally a North Carolinian and have learned to except the Panthers for what they are. Thank goodness college basketball is starting up. Go Duke!!)

I know from experience what I am talking about. I am a disabled veteran who after getting out of service went through many rough years. It finally led me to the hospital with a near stroke and not having any reason to live. After a long recovery I finally decided to start living until I die. I decided to be happy and not worry myself to death. I came to Vegas with no idea of where I would live or where I would be employed. I found myself and am determined to succeed. I still had debts to pay. I had alienated all my family and friends and my health was so bad I was a walking corpse. Almost four years later, I just received a clean bill of health. All my debt is paid off. I hope to buy a house and a new car in the next couple of months. I work at a job I love on "The Strip". I now a very close relationship with my family and have found many new friends. I have even had three different women ask me to marry them. (I am not making that up.)

When I sit down and play, I have no worries. I am winning more money and can see how my game has improved. You can do it too. If you can succeed in life then you can succeed in poker. Just like the prison guard told Cool Hand Luke: "You Gotta Get Your Mind Right".